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Episode 3

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In today’s video, I roll up a new captain. Unfortunately I didn’t really get a whole lot in the way of suggestions, so I went with what a friend of mine suggested. The tutorial for STO was overhauled about a year ago, and includes a few new things to go along with a change in design that occurred a little before then, where they added tech to the game that allows them to have different mission paths depending on your character’s class.

In the middle of the tutorial, you get awarded your first ship: a Miranda-class Light Cruiser. In STO, the Light Cruiser is designed to be a tutorial ship, as it is capable of using basically everything you can get for the first 10 levels, and has fairly balanced stats. There are 3 other alternate beginner ships, and I’ll show off at least 2 of them in upcoming videos (I’d have to confirm if I’ve purchased the third one, since I don’t remember…).

For those reading this update on my blog, you can join in on the conversation at Talking Time!

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