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Episode 4

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In today’s video I introduce you to Earth Spacedock (ESD), and then go and complete the first real mission in the game. Stranded in Space has been a part of the game ever since launch, but during the first anniversary it was upgraded to make use of new tech that was developed for the Featured Series (sets of special missions); namely, the ability to have enemies that scale to your level, as objectives that vary depending on your profession.

In addition to this, I also show off a new ship: the NX-Class Light Escort. Based on the NX-01 Enterprise, this ship is a replica that has been overhauled to be compatible with modern technologies. Like phasers and shields. I got this ship through the C-Store, alongside the uniforms from Star Trek Enterprise. Unlike every other ship to bear the name Enterprise, the NX-01 is actually classified as an Escort in Star Trek Online, though to be fair it’s specs are pretty much in-line with the Light Cruiser so it’s not that tight of a distinction.

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