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Episode 5

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In today’s video I briefly cover ship equipment in more detail, and then go on to the next main story mission, Diplomatic Orders. Similar to Stranded in Space, Diplomatic Orders was remastered, but not to the same level as Stranded in Space; the changes were primarily to make the mission flow better.

In this mission, I also talk a bit about skills. A list of all the skills that I can gain, either through applying skill points or by equipping gear, can be found over at the STO Wiki. A while ago, Cryptic did a pretty intensive overhaul of the skill system, and reworked things so that in general, any given THING that would benefit from a skill (core stat, weapons, abilities, etc) would only benefit from ONE skill, instead of a somewhat arcane configuration that wasn’t always obvious.

As well, I jump into another new ship for this video: the Original Series Constitution-Class. Based on the original USS Enterprise, this ship was originally given out with preorders, and later became one of the first ships for regular purchase to actually be a new ship, instead of a different skin for an existing one. As well, it was the first example of gear that scaled to your level, having phaser arrays that roughly matched gear you could equip at whatever level you currently were. Due to the way the scaling calculation works, however, it’s almost always possible to find gear that is, in fact, better, but it may require more work. Beyond the special phasers, the TOS Connie’s stats are a little better then the Light Cruiser, and lean towards the Cruiser side.

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