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Episode 6

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In today’s video I finish off the last of the beginner tutorials. There’s still actually a few more minor ones left for me to go through, but they require higher levels before they come up. I figured this video was going to be half the length it ended up being, but things taking a while is pretty typical of Star Trek Online.

As well, we meet up with 3 characters that fans of the series might possibly recognize! Or, at least, 2 they should. I’ll admit that until I was preparing this update, I didn’t even realize that one of the PvP mission givers I had dealt with regularly was actually from one of the shows. Whoops.

The characters we meet this update that have also appeared in Star Trek shows are: Kirayoshi O’Brien, Icheb, and Naomi Wildman.

Next week I’m planning to be joined by a good friend who will partner up with me for the story missions. Folks may recognize him as being one of my companions in my Uncharted video series.

For those reading this update on my blog, you can join in on the conversation at Talking Time!

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