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Episode 7

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With the beginner tutorials taken care of, this week’s video dives right back into the main campaign, as we follow the trail left behind by “Sokketh”, but instead find something unexpected…!

As mentioned last time, I’m joined this week by my friend Mechalomaniac, who decided to make a Science Pakled. He’s still on the fence about what kind of ships he’ll use, but for the moment he’s going to focus on Carriers.

Next week I’m going to be unlocking a really rad new ship, but for this week I pull out a new ship: the Blockade Runner Escort. This ship is given as part of the Steam Starter Pack, in both Tier 1 and Tier 5 variants. People might think that calling a ship class Steamrunner is non-canon, given the relationship to Steam, but the ship actually has shown up in First Contact and Deep Space 9. Instead of the name of the ship, though, they decided to make the silly reference be the ship’s special ability: the Resonance Cascade Modulator, aka “Team Fortress”. This ability boosts the shields of yourself and your allies for a short time, which is a pretty nice bonus for an Escort.

On top of that, the Steamrunner is straight up the best Tier 1 ship. It has more HP and a better turn rate then the other ships, but on top of that it also has an extra Bridge Officer slot, giving the Steamrunner 4 abilities while all other Tier 1 ships only have 3. On the other hand, the extra slot is a Tactical, which just means it’s an extra damage power. The Steamrunner also has an extra Tactical device slot for extra damage. Or, in my case, to fit more of my special consoles.

For those reading this update on my blog, you can join in on the conversation at Talking Time!

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