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Episode 8

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This week we have a 2-for-1, as we cover the next 2 campaign missions, and start to find out what the Undine are doing… just in time to ignore them and follow another shiny object.

As mentioned last week, this week I decided to show off another new ship, probably the last one before I advance in rank and unlock the next tier of ships. This time, it’s the Andorian Light Escort, which is given for having purchased the Hero of the North founder pack for Neverwinter. The Light Escort is based on the Kumari from Enterprise, which was also used as the basis for a recent set of max-level ships. For the most part, the Light Escort is on par with the other ships of Tier 1 (minus the Steamrunner), but it has an additional forward weapon slot that comes filled with a special scaling dual heavy cannon to represent the weapons in the wings. These cannons can be replaced with any other weapon, but the cannons themselves can only be put in other Andorian ships. As well, all the default phasers on the Light Escort are “Andorian” phasers, which means they have a blue colour instead. And once a player owns any of the Andorian escorts, they can purchase higher tier phasers of all types from the Dilithium store.

Next week, we get into a mission that has another “familiar” face in it, so stay tuned!

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