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Episode 8

Normal Quality (720×400)

High Quality (960×540)

This week is much more straight-forward then the last few episodes, however we start off with me showing off the First Contact Day celebrations within Star Trek Online, and then follow up with an introduction to the Duty Officer system. As Duty Officers award a lot of XP, and are generally a passive thing, I won’t play around with them much during these recordings. That said, though, the whole system is incredibly fascinating, and I hope Cryptic eventually allows players to manage their duty officers through the web interface or a smartphone app.

After that, we rescue another “familiar” face, this time Lt Miral Paris. Why the Klingons are so interested in her is something we will discover much later, but first we have some other shiny objects to look at.

Next week, both Mechalomaniac and myself will be showing off the Tier 2 ships, as completing this mission got us to level 10, and thus to our next rank. See you all then!

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