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Episode 18

Normal Quality (720×400)

High Quality (960×540)

This week we return to Nimbus III, hot on the trail of the thalaron triggers, and also pirates and secret agents.


In this update I talk a bit about the new Warp Core and Singularity Core items that were added as starship gear in Legacy of Romulus. I’ll cover Singularity Cores when we get to the Romulan faction, but for the most part the two cores work much the same. One main similarity is that both types of core now determine maximum warp speed in sector space, instead of it being based on your level. Some special Impulse Engines were used in the past to provide the ability to go past the normal warp limit, and while the items that provided this buff still will, in the future this kind of bonus will only come from a Warp Core now.

Warp Cores are broken into 3 primary categories, and then have a large number of different prefixes for separate buffs. The 3 primary types of cores are:

  • Field Stabilizing, which gives a bonus to Shield energy while also increasing the maximum possible shield energy rating to 130.
  • Hyper Injection, which gives a bonus to Engine energy while also increasing the maximum possible engine energy rating to 130.
  • Overcharged, which gives a bonus to Auxiliary energy while also increasing the maximum possible auxiliary energy rating to 130.

In addition, Warp Cores improve various Engineering-based skills, such as Starship Batteries, Starship Driver Coil, and Starship Warp Core Efficiency. They can also have special prefixes that improve transwarp cooldowns, or bonuses to the Quantum Slipstream, which is an ability players get at max level that’s basically Full Impulse for sector space (but is on a cooldown).

In addition to these bonuses, as Warp Cores raise in rarity, they also get special ones. Blue rarity Warp Cores increase the power rating of one subsystem by 7.5% of the rating of a different subsystem. For example, [W -> S] as a prefix means that if the ship’s Weapon energy rating is 100, then it will gain 7.5 bonus Shield energy. This bonus does not take the energy from the primary subsystem, however. Purple rarity Warp Cores also have this bonus, but in addition gains a “capacitor” power, where you can “use” the Warp Core to provide a bonus similar to a consumable battery. It’s not as strong of a bonus as the consumable items, and the cooldown is longer, but it is also not consumable and doesn’t take up a Device slot.

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