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Episode 20

Normal Quality (720×400)

High Quality (960×540)

After cutting our teeth on the Romulan front, Mecha and I have been promoted to the Captain rank, earning ourselves a new tier of ship. This tier can also be seen as the iconic TV ship tier, as everything in it was the main ship from a show, and all the C-Store variants served in the Dominion War.

For myself, I upgraded to the Tactical Escort Refit, which is based on the USS Sao Paulo (also known as the USS Defiant). The Tactical Escort is pretty much the smallest ship you can fly in the game that isn’t a shuttlecraft. As an escort, it focuses on forward weapon slots (having 4 forward weapons and 2 rearward ones), and speed/turn rates (the Tactical Escort line has the highest turn rate of all ships in the game), but suffers from lower hull and shields in response. Generally, though, Escorts make up for having lower shields and hull by having a higher Defense rating due to their speed.

The gimmick of the C-Store variant of the Tactical Escort, though, is that it comes with a Quad Phaser Cannon automatic leveling weapon, as the quad cannon is the Defiant’s iconic weapon. The quad cannon was, at one point, the highest DPS weapon in the game, but the addition of Mk12 weapons has lowered it’s effectiveness a bit. Though apparently there were some upgrades done to it in a previous patch. We definitely seemed to be tearing things up easily, so it couldn’t have been too bad. The cannons can be mounted on any ship that can equip cannons, but you can only mount one set on any ship.

For Mecha, he changed gears and upgraded to a science vessel; the Long Range Science Vessel, which is based on the USS Voyager. Much smaller then most cruisers, the Intrepid-class is also more mobile, though trades lower hull for higher shields. But the big thing is that, as a science vessel, the Intrepid also has the passive Sensor Analysis ability as well as the built-in subsystem targeting powers. And science vessels also, as you would expect, focus on Science bridge officer slots, so Mecha has been able to make use of a number of the more exotic powers in the game.

As Mecha hasn’t been able to put QUITE as much money into the game as I have, he went with the core version of the Intrepid. The C-Store variant is based on the USS Bellerophon, which served with distinction during the Dominion War. The special console of the variant causes the next torpedo you fire to cause a massive AoE explosion, a technique The Doctor made use of during a brief time he was in command of Voyager.

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