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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Episode 33

This episode is another triple-feature, as we track down the true origin of the True Way, help some Cardassian farmers, and take a trip through the looking glass.

Episode 32

This episode is a triple feature, as we encounter a disgraced Klingon, a religious icon, and all the goatees you could ever wish for.

Episode 32 Supplemental

This supplemental episode is for a special mission that Cryptic makes available during “spooky” days. This past Friday was the 13th, and is one such day.

Episode 31

This episode, we help some merchants that are under attack, and then arrest the leader of a terrorist organization.

Episode 30

This episode, we rescue Deep Space 9 from invaders, and then rescue a ship that’s been lost almost as long as Voyager!