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Hildibrand is probably the best thing in FF14. And here’s some photos showing why!

Note: Likely to be considered spoilers, so they’re put under the fold.

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Episode 33

This episode is another triple-feature, as we track down the true origin of the True Way, help some Cardassian farmers, and take a trip through the looking glass.

Episode 32

This episode is a triple feature, as we encounter a disgraced Klingon, a religious icon, and all the goatees you could ever wish for.

Episode 32 Supplemental

This supplemental episode is for a special mission that Cryptic makes available during “spooky” days. This past Friday was the 13th, and is one such day.

Episode 31

This episode, we help some merchants that are under attack, and then arrest the leader of a terrorist organization.

Episode 30

This episode, we rescue Deep Space 9 from invaders, and then rescue a ship that’s been lost almost as long as Voyager!

Episode 29

This week, we take part in two missions in a row where things are not quite what they seem.

As well, I got a new, really large HD recently so I decided to just record at full HD. Turned out that while FRAPS still outputs at a ridiculous size (upwards of 150 gigs!), the encoded copies are far more manageable. So as a result, I decided to toss the videos on YouTube. Please enjoy the 1080p version of this episode, and actual 720p versions of all previous episodes on there!

Episode 28

Normal Quality (720×400)

High Quality (960×540)

This week we visit Deep Space 9, pick up some new ships, and then take a dip into the Badlands.

At Level 40, players get access to Tier 5 ships, which are the end-game vessels. Now, there are still a bunch of ships that you can only get at Level 50. That said, however, regardless of whether they’re L40 or L50 usable, they’re all balanced against each other; it’s arguable that the lockbox ships are some of the best ships in the game, and they’re only usable at L40! But “best” is debatable, since it’s all tradeoffs, things I’ll probably talk more about as we get to max level.

Not counting lockbox ships, then, once you hit L40 you actually get two different ship choices, each focusing on a separate secondary class. Science Vessels and Cruisers also get some C-Store options; two of which are upgraded versions of T3 ships, and one is an entirely new design. And if you were able to complete Temporal Ambassador during the third anniversary, you also got a L40 version of the Ambassador. Amusingly, Escorts do not have any alternates at L40 that do not come from a lockbox or other special event, however on the other hand it also has the MOST of these ships, compared to any other Federation ship category.

For me, I upgrade to the Patrol Escort line of ships, which has Engineering as it’s secondary focus, giving more Engineering power and console slots, as opposed to the other L40 Escort, the Advanced Escort which focuses on Science. The Patrol Escort has an uncommon distinction for being one of the few pre-L50 ships in the game that actually has no skin that’s based on a canon ship. The Advanced Escort, on the other hand, is based on the U.S.S. Prometheus.

For Mecha, he was originally planning to upgrade to the Reconnaissance Science Vessel, which has Tactical as it’s secondary focus. This class of ships is also arguably all non-canon ships, other then the fact that the leading example of the model of ship this category represents is the U.S.S. Titan, from the Titan series of novels. The other category of ships here, however, the Deep Space Science Vessel, is entirely non-canon designs.

However, he actually chose to pilot the Advanced Research Vessel Retrofit, which is a C-Store ship, and an upgraded version of the Nebula-class. He’s only flying this one because the Nebula was given away as the final free ship as part of the Summer event finale. In my opinion, the T5 Nebula is the best ship for a support Science captain to fly, though the Vulcan D’Kyr might be a close second. Or you get lucky with lockboxes, in which case the Wells is also an option.

Going back to lockbox ships, one of the prizes from each lockbox is a Mirror Universe variant of the normal L40 ships. These variants are actually kind of confusing to deal with, as they are basically taking the names and stats of the L40 ships and swapping them, leaving the skin alone. In other words, a Mirror Universe Patrol Escort is actually a Prime Universe Advanced Escort, but with a different name and the Patrol Escort’s BOff and console slots. The benefit of this system is that if you really like the look of one of the L40 variants, but don’t like their slot loadout, you can get the Mirror Universe one instead to get the opposite type. And since these ships are not really a big deal, they tend to be really cheap on the Exchange; I regularly see them around 60k Energy Credits, which is pretty dirt cheap when you get to max level and start doing repeatable content.

Episode 27

Normal Quality (720×400)

High Quality (960×540)

This week we help a gang of terrorists freedom fighters as they fight back against an oppressive regime.

Episode 26

Normal Quality (720×400)

High Quality (960×540)

This week we infiltrate two different secret bases, as we hunt down a group of Reman terrorists. Or are they freedom fighters…?

Episode 25

Normal Quality (720×400)

High Quality (960×540)

This week, we start off by facing an unimpressive superweapon, and then infiltrate a massive base with shuttlecrafts.